Trump is satisfied with the speech of the Special Prosecutor Mueller in Congress


Speech by the Special Prosecutor in Congress, Donald Trump called “excellent” for himself and “destructive” for the Democrats. He still considers the investigation “epic awkwardness.”

US President Donald Trump expressed his satisfaction with the speech of the former Special Prosecutor for Russia Robert Mueller in front of the House of Representatives Committee on Justice Affairs on Wednesday, July 24. “We had a very good day,” Trump said. According to him, representatives of the Democratic Party, by contrast, survived a devastating day.

Trump once again called the investigation Mueller “loss of time”, “witch hunt” and “epic awkwardness.”

Meanwhile, Muller, speaking in Congress, said that after the expiration of the presidential term, Donald Trump could be brought to justice. “The president was not acquitted for the actions he allegedly committed,” Muller said.

“Our investigation revealed that the Russian government widely and systematically intervened in our elections,” says Mueller.

At the same time, the special prosecutor said, it was not possible to establish the collusion of the members of the election campaign of Trump with Moscow over interference in the elections. In this question, “we focused on whether there was sufficient evidence to charge any member of the campaign of participation in a criminal conspiracy. There was no evidence,” Mueller said.


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