Saudi's oil attack

Trump keeps War with Iran in the back foot as response to attacks on Saudi’s oil processing units


US President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced that there are many preferable alternatives other than war with Iran once the US ally Saudi Arabia unveiled remnants of drones and missiles that according to Saudi Arabia were utilized in a incapacitated attack on its oil sites that as per Saudi’s statement was “unquestionably sponsored” by Iran.

Trump said , “ there are various alternatives. War is the ultimate option and there are alternatives that are a lot less violent than war. We’ll see, I’m  saying the ultimate option meaning go in war.”

The President gave a watchful statement following his secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s visit to Saudi Arabia where he narrated the attacks as “an act of war” on the world’s largest oil exporter.

Trump even took to Twitter to inform that he has instructed the US treasury to “substantially hike sanctions” on Iran which refuses to claim responsibility.

The attack was claimed by Yemen’s Iran-collaborated Houthi militants group that provided further details of the raid last evening mentioning that it was carried out from 3 sites of Yemen. Iran on the other hand has contradicted any participation in the raids carried out on September 14 that struck the world’s largest crude oil processing system cutting down nearly half of Saudi Arabia’s crude oil output.

Details provided by Houthi militants might trigger even more intense political atmosphere in the Gulf region as they revealed that they had marked as many as a dozen sites in the UAE, and Riyadh as possible aims for attacks.

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