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Trump offers to arbitrate in the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan


President Donald Trump has proposed himself as a mediator to one of the world’s most perplexing sensitive disputes – the contention between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.

Imran Khan said in the meeting that according to his views, Pakistan had tried thoroughly to commence a dialogue between the Nations and resolve differences, but regrettably we have not arrived any solution yet. Therefore, he requested President Trump to arbitrate and help in the situation.

President Trump told the international media columnists “I was with prime minister Modi two weeks prior, and he stated, ‘Might you want to be a negotiator or an arbitrator’. So I said, where? And, he said ‘Kashmir’. I said that if i can help in any manner, I would like to be a negotiator.”

It shocked the South Asian viewers when Mr Trump insisted that he had been asked by PM Narendra Modi, to arbitrate between the two South Asian Nations over the disputed region of Kashmir. India later rejected his claims.

The Himalayan area, some portion of which is dominated by both nations, seek to profess it entirely. There have been three significant clashes, and various conflicts between the two countries, most recent was in February.

India and Kashmir have had three noteworthy clashes over Kashmir since the two nations won their freedom from Britain in 1947. The most recent was the Kargil War of 1999, while a significant part of the world believed they would come to more severe blows during a 2001-2002 standoff when the two countries massed troops were at the borders.

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Kashmir, which has been a target for assaults by Pakistan-based militants, also is the area for clashes and cross border firings between the two nations, which happened in February. Around 40 Indian paramilitaries got killed in the explosive assault.

However, since the 1972 Simla Accord, that was marked in the repercussions of the 1971 India-Pakistan war in which Pakistan was vanquished, and the new nation of Bangladesh rose, Delhi has demanded Kashmir must be settled by the two countries. It has numerous times dismissed the offer of third-party mediation.

Some analysts recommended Mr Trump may have misconstrued a solicitation from Mr Modi to help stop the cross-border militant assaults, yet expressed uncertainty if he had requested that the US president arbitrates in the issue. India later denied that it asked the US president to mediate in the issue.

“We have seen @POTUS’s comments to the press that he is prepared to intervene, whenever mentioned by India and Pakistan, on the Kashmir crisis. PM @narendramodi has made no such solicitation to US president,” a foreign ministry spokesperson Ravesh Kumar Tweeted. He added, “It has been India’s steady situation, where all the major problems with Pakistan were only addressed bilaterally.”

Mr Trump later said in the Oval Office; the US could wipe off Afghanistan from the surface of the Earth” in merely days.

As per the international media, President Trump said “If we needed to battle a war in Afghanistan and succeed in it, I could win that war in seven days; I simply don’t wish to kill  10m people,” he stated in a meeting.

However, in talks with Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan in the Oval Office, Mr Trump said he was positive that Islamabad would enable the US to achieve a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan.


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