Trump responded to criticism from the British ambassador


Donald Trump responded to media reports that the British ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch, negatively characterized him in front of his leadership in London.

Earlier it was reported that Darroch in the secret diplomatic telegrams and informational notes called Trump “inept” and “incompetent”, and also expressed the opinion that the career of the American leader “may end in shame.” The conflicts in the White House Darroch called “knife fights.”

“The ambassador did not serve the good of the United Kingdom,” Trump told reporters. “We are not big fans of this man,” the president also said.

Initially, information about the leakage of messages by the British ambassador was published by the Daily Mail newspaper, which led excerpts from Darroch telegrams. According to the publication, Darroch in one of the messages stated that he does not believe in the possibility that the Trump administration will become “less dysfunctional”, less unpredictable, less split differences between factions, as well as less diplomatically clumsy and clumsy.

According to the newspaper, the British ambassador also referred to the Trump team’s so-called conspiracy with Russia, noting that “the worst cannot be excluded.”


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