Trump States That He Would Destroy Turkeys Economy In Case They Attack Kurds in Syria


On 13th January, US President Donald Trump cautioned Turkey that he would destroy the nation economically if the NATO-aligned nation, Turkey carries out any form of assaults against the Kurdish forces, in the event of the US force pullout from Syria. Meanwhile, President Trump requested the Kurds not to annoy Ankara.

In a tweet, President Trump stated that the US will destroy Turkey economically if it attacks the Kurds, while pressing for the formation of a 20-mile safe zone. However, details about who would be creating or paying for the safe zone or where the pay zone would be created were not specified.

Trump who takes the help of Twitter to reveal his thoughts stated that the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria has been long delayed. However, he stated that the US would still carry out attacks against the remaining Isis territorial caliphate from the adjoining bases. Trump’s top diplomat who is on a hurricane regional tour tried to comfort the allies amidst the increasing tension between the US and Turkey over the destiny of Washington’s Syrian Kurdish allies in their battle against the Islamic state group.

Russia, Iran and Syria have been the greatest recipient of the long term US policy of demolishing ISIS in Syria. Hence, he feels that it’s time for the US to bring back their troops.

This tweet brought about a prompt response from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin. He stated that President Trump made a grave mistake by associating Syrian Kurds with the PKK and its Syrian branch PYD/ the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). He even stated that Ankara expects that Washington would be honoring the diplomatic partnership of the two nations. In a tweet directed towards President Trump he stated that terrorists can’t be partners or allies.

US-led military action against Isis in Syria has been headed by the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Ankara considers the backbone of that friendship, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), as a terrorist group associated to the Kurdistan Workers party (PKK) which has fought a decades-long uprising against the Turkish state.

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