Donald Trump

Trump Warns of Using Veto After Senate Dismissed National Emergency

Donald Trump has intimidated to use his presidential veto after the US Senate voiced a sharp admonition to the president on Thursday, voting to annul his assertion last month of a national emergency in order to switch taxpayer funds to the US-Mexico border.

In a 59-41 vote, 12 Republicans joined every Senate Democrat in a rare act to bar the president’s attempt to deflect billions in finance to construct his long-promised border wall without the consent of the Congress.

The Democratic-managed House passed the bill last month, and its consent in the Senate would probably compel Trump to use the first veto of his presidency. The rejection on Thursday fell far short of the 67 votes needed to abrogate the veto.

After the vote, Trump simply tweeted “VETO!” He later added an accolade for all of the Strong Republicans who voted to back the Border Security and the badly needed wall.

Earlier on Thursday, Trump had tried to restrict the treason by cautioning Republicans that a vote for today’s decision by Republican Senators is a poll for Nancy Pelosi, Crime, and the Open Border Democrats!

However, Trump eventually failed to diminish the concerns within his party that the action breached the constitution’s detachment of powers, which grants the power of the purse to Congress.

Congressman Joaquín Castro, a Texas Democrat who wrote the resolution and watched the vote from the Senate floor, stated the bipartisan tally a “strong criticism” of the president’s emergency declaration that might help augment legal challenges to the order.

The Republican senators who stood by the side of Trump pressed that there was an immigration emergency at the southern border and that the order was well within the jurisdiction of the National Emergencies Act that gives presidents wide-ranging freedom to declare a national emergency.