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Trump’s Lawyer Subpoenaed Over Possession Of Key Documents In Ukrainian Case


Rudy Giuliani is now in line of fire, as Trump’s lawyer who has been now subpoenaed by the Democrats for the Ukrainian related documents, towards the quickening pace of the Impeachment probe against President Donald Trump.

According to the subpoena, Giuliani is obligated to submit relevant documents by the end of October 15. This was formally communicated to Trump’s lawyer by House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff and the chairs of two other panels conducting investigations.

Currently, the probe is seeking clarity over documentation of communication via repeated phone calls and emails where Trump has been seen using the power of his office to pressure the Ukrainian President into Volodymyr Zelensky to launch “politically-motivated investigations” against 2020 White House hopeful Joe Biden and his son.

Democrat Joe Biden is a popular and most commendable and hopeful candidate to hold White House, if he is elected.  With Trump getting pulled into this kind of power game, his chances of re-election are looking bleak.  The chairmen are interested in communications by not only Giuliani but also another three of his business associates related to Trump’s alleged effort to pressure the Ukrainian President.

While Giuliani has been Trump’s point man, he did divulge on public television that he had spoken on behalf of his boss and asked the government of Ukraine to ‘target former vice president Biden’.  The former mayor of New York seemed to have had his foot in his mouth again when he also admitted of being in possession of evidence — in the form of text messages, phone records, and other communications pertaining to the act.”

The Chairmen therefore have found a valid reason to believe that Giuliani was not acting in isolation and may have had other officials in Trump Administration who were involved in this scheme.

Giuliani is known to have further acknowledged meeting with Zelensky aides in Spain “at the request of the State Department” and that he has the memos to prove it. He might have admitted on television that “I have to be guided by my client” but his irresponsible representation might just buy him time behind bars.

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