‘Truth hurts’: Chinese envoys are exploring Trump-style Twitter diplomacy


Chinese envoys are exploring different avenues regarding another sort of Trump-style open discretion – Twitter spats.

In China, though Twitter is banned, yet Chinese representatives abroad, not customarily known for being blunt, but have begun to utilize the platform of social media to go up against Beijing’s critics all the more bluntly and aggressively.

Zhao Lijian, a vocal critic of the mass detainments of Uighurs in Xinjiang, said by posting a list of social issues in the U.S. including racial discrimination. Racial stratification keeps on happening in work, lodging, instruction, lending, and government.”

His tweet provoked previous national security counsellor Susan Rice to call Zhao a “racist disgrace” and said he ought to be recalled to China.

He deleted his original tweet but emphasized on his views further by proceeding to depict the “living states of African Americans” as “worrisome”, and emphasizing on nation’s “unending”  school shooting, and females “living in dread” of rape. “Truth hurts, I’m simply telling the fact” he composed.


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