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Turkey and the United States agreed on ceasefire in Syria


US Vice President Mike Pence, following talks with Turkish President Recep Erdogan, said the countries agreed on a ceasefire in Syria.

“Turkey will cease fire in order to allow the YPG forces to enter the security zone within 120 hours. All military operations under the auspices of the Source of Peace will be stopped immediately after the withdrawal of the YPG forces,” Pence said.

According to him, the parties, in particular, agreed that the United States will facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish formations.

At the same time, the demarcation line, beyond which the Kurdish formations will lead, will run approximately 30 kilometers south of the Syrian border with Turkey.  Washington received guarantees from the Kurds about their organized departure from the border with Turkey.

The vice president also said that the United States does not intend to conduct hostilities in northeast Syria and will limit itself to diplomacy.

“President Donald Trump has clearly stated that our military will not be there. We will not take part in the situation in the military aspect,” Pence said.

He also promised that the United States did not plan to impose additional sanctions against Turkey because of Syria.  He added that Trump is ready to withdraw the economic sanctions imposed against Ankara, as Turkey ceases fire in Syria.

Later, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu noted that Ankara received “what it wanted” from the United States.  So, the Kurds in Syria will surrender their weapons.  According to him, after the withdrawal of forces, it will be possible to talk about the completion of the Turkish operation in Syria.

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