Hulusi Akar

Turkey and the United States will begin joint patrolling in northeast Syria on September 8


Turkey and the United States will begin joint ground patrolling of the planned security zone in northeast Syria on Sunday, September 8.  This was announced on Friday by the Minister of National Defense of Turkey Hulusi Akar.

“Joint ground patrolling of the Turkish and US military in the planned security zone east of the Euphrates River will begin on September 8.” The Anatolian agency quotes him as saying. “Air patrolling also allows us to record the real situation in northeast Syria.”

On Thursday, Turkish President Erdogan reiterated his intention to “begin to form a security zone in Syria before the end of September.”  On August 31, Erdogan said that the republic’s Armed Forces can, in a few weeks, independently begin implementing an action plan to establish a security zone.

The military of Turkey and the United States on August 7 agreed to establish a joint operations center in Syria.  On August 12, the first group of US troops arrived in the Turkish city of Sanliurfa, 50 km from the border with Syria, to work in this structure.  The center was organized by two countries to implement a plan to create a buffer zone in northern Syria, where Syrian refugees could return from Turkey and which would become a protective belt for the Turkish border.  Ankara insists that control over the planned security zone should be provided exclusively by the Armed Forces of the republic.

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