Turkey and US agree to establish a center for joint operations in Syria


Turkey and the United States agreed to establish a focal point for joint operations and the planned security zone in northern Syria, the Turkish Defense Ministry said.

The US military delegation arrived in Ankara on August 4 to discuss the creation of a security zone in northern Syria.

“Negotiations that took place in the Turkish Ministry of Defense on August 5-7 with the US military representatives regarding the planned security zone in northern Syria in coordination with the United States were completed. During the talks, the parties agreed to take measures as soon as possible to eliminate Turkey’s concerns about its national security. In  In this regard, it was decided to establish in Turkey in the near future a center for joint operations, coordination and management of the creation of a security zone in Syria, “the Turkish military department said.

The parties also agreed that the “security zone will become a corridor of peace”, and the necessary measures will also be taken to return Syrian refugees home, the report said.

An area with a width of 30 to 40 kilometers along the Syrian-Turkish border will be controlled by Turkey in coordination with the United States.  According to him, members of Kurdish formations will have to leave this territory and surrender heavy weapons.  All tunnels, positions and fortifications built by them inside the security zone will be destroyed.

Turkish leader previously stated that Turkey would launch a military operation against the Syrian Kurdish self-defense forces east of the Euphrates in northern Syria and notified Russia and the United States of this.  Turkey could begin such an operation after August 11.


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