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Turkey detains 9 Kurdish human rights legal counselors on terror charges


In early morning raids in Kurdish regions of Urfa and Diyarbakir today, around nine legal advisors were confined on terror charges, part of an ongoing campaign of constraint focusing on human rights defenders, Abdullah Oncel, the leader of the Urfa Bar Association expressed to Al-Monitor.

Seven attorneys were confined in Urfa and two others in Diyarbakir. Three others from Diyarbakir are being sought for, Oncel revealed to Al-Monitor.

Co-chair of the Jurists of Freedom Association, Bunyamin Seker, said that a fourth legal advisor from Sirnak, a Kurdish region on the Iraqi borders, was additionally being examined regarding the case that is being conducted by the central prosecutor of Urfa.

Seker told Al-Monitor, “we haven’t been able to find out the details or exact logic behind this operation, yet it’s undeniable to us that concerning the lawyers, it’s to do with their work on injustices, especially those that happen inside the prison.

The lawyers are accused of supporting and abetting the prohibited Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which is listed as a terror group by Turkey, the EU, and the US.

The charge is to lock up any individual who demands rights for the nation’s 14 million or Kurds. They include many democratically elected Kurdish authorities, Al-Monitor stated.

Once denied that any of the detained attorneys were associated with the PKK. “These are people committed to supporting human rights and recording abuses, they are a poking thorn for authorities who wish to hide the truth,” he included.

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