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Turkish military action in Syria ‘unacceptable’ says the Russian envoy to Syria


On Tuesday, the Russia’s representative to Syria called Turkey’s military offensive in northeast Syria “inappropriate” and denied Ankara’s operation had been cleared by Moscow ahead of time, the Russian news offices revealed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s envoy to Syria, Mr. Alexander Lavrentiev, was addressing journalists in Abu Dhabi during Putin’s official visit.

He made his remarks after Turkey disregarded new sanctions from the United States to go ahead with its attack on northern Syria while the Russia-sponsored Syrian armed force entered one of the most fervently challenged urban communities, filling a void made by Donald Trump’s unexpected retreat.

When inquired as to whether there had been an advanced agreement among Russia and Turkey about Ankara’s operation, Lavrentiev was referred to as saying: “No. We had consistently urged Turkey to demonstrate limitation and constantly thought to be some sort of military activity on the Syrian domain unacceptable.”

Lavrentiev’s remarks, which propose developing pressures among Turkey and Russian, came a day after the Kremlin denounced that Turkey’s invasion was “not actually” fit with Syrian territorial integrity.

“The security of the Turkish-Syrian border must be guaranteed by the deployment of Syrian administration troops along its whole length,” stated Lavrentiev. “That is the reason we never talked in support or bolstered the possibility of Turkish units (being conveyed there), let alone the furnished Syrian resistance.”

Lavrentiev added that Turkey’s activities gambled upsetting fragile religious feelings in northern Syria.

Specifically, he added that the zone was populated by Arabs, Kurds, and Sunnis who might not warmly embrace their properties being resettled by individuals who had never lived there, a reference to Turkey’s arrangement to house evacuees from different pieces of Syria there.

Lavrentiev affirmed that Russia had brokered an accord between the Syrian government and Kurdish powers that saw the Kurds surrender control of an area to Syrian soldiers, the Arab News reported.

Article Credits:- Arab News

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