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U.S. conducts cyber-attack against Iran


The cyber command of the US Armed Forces during a hacker attack on Iranian computer systems in June of this year destroyed an important database for Tehran.

According to the sources of the publication from among US officials, intelligence information was collected in the database. It was allegedly needed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC, elite units of the Iranian Armed Forces) to plan attacks on ships passing in the Persian Gulf, in particular, “choose which tanker and where to attack.” The publication claims that the US military also damaged some Iranian communications systems and computer networks. The cyber command allegedly did not seek to harm Iran’s air defense systems and missile systems.

According to the publication, the US military considers the carried out cyber-attack successful. The material focuses on the fact that after June 20 there were no attacks on tankers in the indicated area. Sources believe that the Iranian side has not yet been able to recover the lost data, as well as resume the operation of a number of communication systems.

According to the publication, some officials believe that a cyber attack on the Iranian system should not have been. They emphasize that the IRGC as a result probably received important information about the capabilities of the US Cyber ​​Command. According to these sources, the methods used by the US military next time may not be effective. In addition, information about the attack, according to the publication, can get Russia, China or the DPRK, which will allow them to better protect their computer systems.

Sources of the newspaper claim that Iran regularly carries out hacker attacks against the United States, but the actions of Cyber ​​Command did not lead to an increase in their intensity.

The situation around Iran escalated after explosions and fires occurred on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman on June 13 after the alleged attack. The United States blamed the incident on Iran, supported by the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. Tehran rejected these allegations. On June 20, the Iranian armed forces shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle of the American Navy RQ-4, after which the United States, according to the testimony of U.S. President Donald Trump, prepared a military operation involving targeted attacks on three targets in Iran. According to the information set forth by the American leader, 10 minutes before the start of this operation, he gave the order not to conduct it, considering it was disproportionate to Tehran’s actions.


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