UAE and WHO Send Emergency Medical Supplies to Iran

UAE and WHO Send Emergency Medical Supplies to Iran


The UAE helped the World Health Organization fly six experts and medical supplies to Iran, all as part of efforts to help tackle the coronavirus outbreak. Reports have come back from Iranian officials, saying at least 66 people have died and more than 1,500 cases have been confirmed to be tested positive. The UAE Air Force sent out a military aircraft from Dubai to Iran that carried 8 tonnes of cargo containing medical supplies for infection prevention such as gloves, respirators and surgical masks to help healthcare workers treating patients. The medical team—WHO’s first team to be sent to Iran since the outbreak—is made up of doctors, epidemiologists and laboratory specialists who will help detect and control the virus.

With Iran being a challenging country, over 15,000 health workers will benefit from the supplies, as this will be the first big shipment to support the response to the virus in a country that is not easy to get the approval to go to. The UAE provided help despite conflicts that have risen. Over 100 cases have been confirmed across the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar, many of them returning from Iran. The UAE believes “aid should reach all people regardless of their background,” Sultan Mohammed Al Shamsi, the UAE’s undersecretary for humanitarian affairs, shared.

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