UAE Demands Qatar Stop Sponsoring Terrorism at UN Court

UAE Demands Qatar Stop Sponsoring Terrorism at UN Court


The United Arab Emirates has stated that the argument presented by Qatar at the International Court of Justice was completely pathetic. It showed how weak the position of Qatar actually is since it could not support its appeal with hard facts and figures. Qatar has recently presented a case before the International Court of Justice.

Anwar Gargash, the Minister of State of the UAE, stated that the argument presented by the UAE was strong and it completely refuted the allegations made by Qatar. UAE managed to expose the weakness and falsity of the evidence presented by Qatar. UAE also managed to document the careless of the Qatari government towards its citizens, who have become victims of the policies of the government.

The UAE’s legal team has also revealed that the real issue of the government of Qatar the media fanfare which has been promoted by the media of the nation. The actual facts show that there is a difference between the official political position and the actual humanitarian responsibility.

The UAE legal team made use of extensive evidence to clarify UAE’s interest towards Qatar in terms of investment and trade despite the ongoing crisis. Instead of taking responsible steps, the government of Qatar wants to fabricate an injustice which is not compatible with reality.

At the court, UAE has demanded that Qatar brings a stop to the support it provides to terror organizations and terrorists. It rejected the claims made by Qatar regarding any violations of Qatari people’s rights.

Saeed al-Nouwais, the UAE Ambassador to the Netherlands, stated at the court that UAE has made repeated requests to Qatar to stop its support to terrorism. He also added that Qatar has repeatedly pledged to do so several times but never fulfilled its commitments. As a result, UAE had no choice but to cut its ties with Qatar for its propaganda and support of hate.

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