UAE wants to give ‘Strategic Direction” to India ties

UAE wants to give ‘Strategic Direction” to India ties


The relation between UAE and India is growing at a fast pace. In the backdrop of such positive relationships, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash said that, UAE wants to give strategic directions to the ties with India.

India and UAE took part in the event of Observer Research Foundation were the talks between the two countries took place. Dr. Garghash thanked UAE for their will to help India and indicated that the bilateral ties between the two countries are going in a positive direction.

To this, Dr. Gargash said it is high time to give a strategic direction to the growing relationship between the two countries so that the potentials can be used in full swing.

During his official visit to Abu Dhabi, the Prime Minister of India said that Saudi Arabia is keen on investing more in India mainly in the infrastructure sector. According to Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of opportunities in this sector in India.

India is going through a tough time and, in this situation, stability and security is incredibly important. The cooperation between UAE and India will help tackle terrorism as well. Both the countries are addressing the issues on terrorism because instability cannot be afforded in these regions.

Dr. Garghash insisted on the need to fight against the militant minorities who have been hijacking the people of Islam for political reasons. Syria and Yemen are examples of failed diplomacy and the biggest test now lies in front of Russia where it has to change positive gains in Syria into political success.

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