UK and China

UK Finds Ways To Answer Back To Chinese Security Law Threat To Civilians


The pandemic has brought forth mixed feelings of deceit, panic, apprehension, innovation and doubt in the minds of everyone else that is outside of China. Many countries are rightfully wishing to have investigative teams to go and explore the epicenter of the Corona Virus; Beijing isnt happy with this and has felt insulted.

It has said that this kind of step would be an insult to their sovereignty. But strangely, the UK has done a turnaround on its earlier stance with China, something that political analysts feel is going to alienate and distance the British PM Boris Johnson from his vote bank.

Johnson had shifted to the Brexit stance because there was a desire to keep a surge of outsiders outside of their bounds. But opening doors happily to Hong Kong dwellers to visas into Britain looks like nothing but a double standard. These Hong Kong residents should be holding the British National Overseas Passport. But this is ironic for those who might be more deserving and wish to come and make a life for themselves in Britain.

According to the Brexit clause, Britain is not against migration but what it is against is the idea of dwellers coming and flocking its land without having the requisite skills to justify their stay.

On the flipside China isn’t happy with what UK is offering. The former feels it’s being robbed of its priceless brains and fears a brain drain. There may be reasons in why the Chinese foreign ministry has blamed Britain for gross interference in its affairs. Beijing has been threatening to push for a security law, to which Johnson has opened doors for citizenship to Hong Kong intellectuals.

China has continued to threaten to impose a national security law on Hong Kong that simply ‘threatens the rule of law and human rights defenders’, according to various media reports.

Overall, everyone is up and arms against China in one way or the other. Australia is thinking of severing its trade ties as China refuses to cooperate on a joint investigation into the origins of the corona virus. The US has already banned entry of Chinese crafts into its airspace. India is becoming the second most preferred market for setting up industry and manufacturers are looking at deserting Chinese roots.  Whether China can stop a mass exodus of its people is something the world is has to wait and watch.

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