UK Government Announces Brexit Deal with EU is to Happen Soon

UK Government Announces Brexit Deal with EU is to Happen Soon


Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab stated that he is certain that a deal is obvious before appearing in front of associates in order to discuss the advancements made by the Government regarding the negotiations for leaving the EU.

Although Britain’s Brexit minister stated that the UK and the European Union might not be able to meet their set deadline of the divorce deal; however, Dominic Raab is firmly hopeful that there would be a deal before Britain leaves the EU in March 2019. On the other hand, Raab’s EU counterpart, Michel Barnier set off a rally stating they the bloc is eager to offer such terms to Britain which has never been offered to any other third country or non-member country. This statement was made by Mr Barnier after his meeting with the foreign minister of Germany.

Raab stated that Britain and the bloc were almost nearing the final step of the withdrawal deal. Hence, it requested the EU to show some sensibility during the negotiations. He feels that the deal is likely to happen.

Britain and the EU want to reach a conclusion on divorce deal and sketch of future trade by the European Council summit so that it gets accepted by the individual EU countries before the UK departs the bloc on 29th March. However, talks have halted amidst conflict within Britain’s Conservative government.

A strategic divorce agreement discussed by the government of Theresa May last month suggested keeping UK close to the EU regulations in return for free trade in goods. The plan enraged many Brexit-supporters within May’s Conservative party. The enraged members stated that this plan would leave the UK fastened to the bloc and it won’t be able to strike new trade deals all over the world.

The proposal was also received coldly by EU leaders, who allege that Britain wants to preselect aspects of membership in the bloc without taking full responsibilities or pay the cost.

Value of the pound fell by more than 15% since Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016. However, it rose after Barnier made the comment. During late afternoon trading, the pound was 1% higher at $1.30.

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