Oil tankers

UK helps US to protect oil tankers in Gulf


Britain will join the US naval mission to protect its oil tankers in the Gulf from seizure by Iran. The announcement came just after London moved away from plans for a European-led mission that had been proposed by the former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Boris Johnson’s government announced that UK will include its two Royal Navy ships in the Gulf, which, along with two US warships and Hunt’s successor, will request other countries to join it.

By joining this mission, the UK aims to create complete international support to maintain the freedom of navigation in the protected area under international law, said by Dominic Raab, the new foreign secretary.

Where UK was expecting other countries to participate in the US mission, on Monday, France and Germany have refused to sign any kind of deal with the US due to the closely aligned with UK’s government over the nuclear deal and contemplated airstrikes on the country.

Although, the UK has already been warned by Iran on joining hands with the US.

Iran blamed the US of engaging in “economic terrorism” against its people.

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