Ukraine and Russia agreed to exchange prisoners


Russia and Ukraine have agreed to exchange prisoners within a month, said the head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, Vadim Pristayko.

“Within a month, we agreed to exchange a certain number of people withheld. President Zelensky spoke 10 to 10, 15 to 15. We do not lock ourselves around the number of people, our task now is to exchange, practically get our people back and unlock the process of everyone to everyone” declared Pristayko.

The agreement was reached at a meeting of advisers to the leaders of the countries of the Normandy Four on July 12 in Paris; presidential aide Vladislav Surkov participated from Russia. The next meeting in this format should be held at the end of August, it will assess the implementation of the agreements.

Today in Moscow there will be a meeting between ombudsmen Tatyana Moskalkova and Lyudmila Denisova, who should exchange lists of citizens for exchange.


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