Vladimir Groisman

Ukraine introduced new economic sanctions against Russia


Ukraine introduced on Wednesday new economic sanctions against Russia, providing for a ban on the supply of certain groups of goods and the introduction of special duties, said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

Speaking at a government meeting, he clarified that Ukraine introduced new economic sanctions against Russia. Restrictions supposedly are mirror measures. He stressed that Kiev adopted new special duties and embargoes on Russian products. Groisman noted that the sanctions will affect those goods that are “fully manufactured” in Ukraine, or they can be replaced by alternative supplies.

First Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine StepanKubiv added that the ban applies to various types of “industrial goods, mineral fertilizers, agricultural products, vehicles, plywood and other.”

In April 2019, the Ukrainian government decided to expand the list of anti-Russian trade sanctions, banning the importation of a number of Russian goods. What kind of goods of Russian imports came under the ban was not specified.

Since 2014, Ukraine has canceled a number of cooperation agreements with Russia, banned the supply of Russian goods and any interaction of Ukrainian industrialists with their colleagues from the Russian Federation, and also imposed sanctions against Moscow. In addition, Kiev signed a free trade agreement with the European Union, which created a threat to Russian business due to the possibility of re-exporting European goods from the territory of Ukraine.



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