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UN calls on Israel and Lebanon to comply with ceasefire


UN Secretary General António Guterres calls on Israel and Lebanon to exercise restraint and comply with the 2006 ceasefire agreement, said Secretary General Spokesman Stephane Dujarric.

Earlier, the Lebanese army command stated that more than 40 missiles were fired from Israel in the vicinity of the settlements of Marun Ar-Ras, Aytarun and Yarun.  The Israeli army opened fire after a group of two Hezbollah fighters destroyed Israeli armored vehicles with anti-tank missiles in the border zone.  Shiite resistance fighters in turn conducted an operation in response to Israeli bombing in a suburb of Damascus last week.

According to Dujarrick, the UN Secretary General is seriously concerned about incidents at the Blue Line, the UN-recognized border between the two countries.

“He calls for maximum restraint. He calls on the parties to stop all actions that violate resolution 1701 and prevent the cessation of hostilities,” said the official representative.

Adopted in 2006, UN Security Council resolution 1701 calls on Israel and Lebanon to support a “permanent ceasefire and a lasting settlement,” as well as adhere to the Blue Line.


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