Benjamin Netanyahu

UN criticizes Netanyahu’s plans to annex Jordan Valley


UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed concern about the pre-election statement by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about his intention to occupy part of the West Bank.

“The Secretary-General is concerned about the statement by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who announced his intention to annex the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea as a first step in establishing Israeli sovereignty in all areas of the West Bank, in the event of victory in the election,” the statement said Wednesday.  heads of the world organization.  According to Guterres, such actions “will constitute a serious violation of international law.”  “This would destroy the prospects for the resumption of negotiations, as well as undermine the viability of a two-state solution,” he said.

In a televised address on Tuesday, Netanyahu said that if he won the September 17 parliamentary election, he would extend Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank in the Jordan Valley and northern tip of the Dead Sea.  UN Security Council resolution 2334, adopted in December 2016, requires Israel to cease settlement activities in the West Bank.  The government of the Jewish state refused to comply with the provisions of the document.


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