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UN Security Council postpones vote on resolution to extend cross-border assistance to Syria


The UN Security Council postponed a vote on a resolution to extend the mechanism of cross-border assistance to Syria to continue consultations.

Throughout the week, the Security Council considered two alternative resolutions to extend the cross-border assistance mechanism.  The vote was supposed to take place on December 19, but the countries could not agree on the parameters of assistance, so in the end it was postponed.  “Consultations will continue,” one of the agency’s interlocutors said. “Voting can take place tomorrow or later.”

“Now the Permanent Representatives need to coordinate their positions with the capitals,” added another diplomat.

The Russian version of the resolution involves the extension of the mechanism for six months and the delivery of humanitarian supplies through two border points.  The document, submitted by Germany, Belgium and Kuwait, as amended, provides for the preservation of three (and not five, as they had previously proposed) checkpoints.  It also spells out the need to conduct an additional analysis of the situation after six months.

Cross-border assistance does not imply obtaining permission from Damascus, so Moscow believes that such a mechanism loses its relevance as the Syrian government regains control of the country.

The decision to start cross-border humanitarian operations in Syria was made in July 2014 in response to a sharp decrease in access to the population due to the intensification of hostilities.

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