Protesters were running in Chile

US accuses Russia of involvement in riots in Chile


The US State Department claims that Russia, through trolling on social networks, tried to influence riots in Chile.  Protests in the country began in October due to dissatisfaction of citizens with the economic situation, and in particular the rise in metro fares.  Chilean authorities have agreed not to raise fares, but the shares are still going on.

According to the representative of the State Department, the United States recorded “clear signs” that some people took advantage of the riots in Chile and “distorted the situation through the use of social networks and the abuse of trolling.”  “We saw signs of Russia’s activity in support of the negative outcome of the debate”, the State Department said.

According to a representative of the department, foreign intervention was not the only reason for the escalation of the situation in Chile, but, in his opinion, Russia “sought to aggravate the differences and spark a conflict”, as well as prevent the “reliable democratic debate”.  The Chilean authorities have not yet responded to the allegations against Russia.

Recall that in connection with the protests in Chile, a state of emergency was introduced, on October 28 it was canceled.  During the riots, more than a thousand people were injured.  Chilean President Sebastian Pinera decided to cancel the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit planned for the country.

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