Donald Trump and Sauli Niinistö shaking hands

US and Finland will strengthen cooperation


The US and Finland see one of their main goals as reducing dependence on any one energy source. This is stated in a joint statement circulated by the White House on Wednesday between the presidents of the two countries, Donald Trump and Sauli Niinistö.

“We will work together to expand trade and investment, including making progress in trade negotiations between the US and the EU,” the text says. “We intend to resist unfair trade practices in order to balance the opportunities for our workers and business.” “The United States and Finland aim to strengthen energy markets and develop infrastructure … – the document says. – One of the main goals is to reduce dependence on only one energy source.”

In addition, Washington and Helsinki intend to deepen cooperation to counter new challenges through the development of military capabilities and protection against cyber and hybrid threats.

The parties also emphasized the importance of developing cooperation in the field of innovation, research, including in the field of new technologies, such as 5G and 6G. “Recognizing the importance of such technologies, especially telecommunications, we will work together to ensure that technologies will be developed and installed for good purposes,” the statement said.

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