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US and India are interested in the development of trade relations


Despite some tensions in trade relations between India and the United States at the moment, the Trump Administration believes that these difficulties can be easily resolved through friendship between states.

“As for our trade relations, the Secretary of State also said this when we were in India: we see many opportunities for the growth of our relations. We see enormous potential,” the State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus told reporters on Tuesday at a press conference.

India exported these goods to the United States in the amount of $ 1.5 billion in the 2019 fiscal year that has ended, and the industry is seeking to increase capacity to meet potential demand.

Also, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for strengthening cooperation with India, expressing the hope that the two countries will be able to resolve differences in the field of trade and other issues “in the spirit of friendship.” Pompeo noted that even the best friends inevitably have differences.

Relations between India and the United States in recent years have strengthened against the background of a general concern about the growing influence of China in the Indo-Pacific region.

Recall that India from June 16 introduced additional duties on a number of goods imported from the United States of America.

According to the decision, measures will affect 28 products, in particular, the duties on apples imported from the USA will be 70%, and almonds and walnuts will also be levied on duties. The introduction of additional duties by the country was a response to the abolition of US trade benefits.


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