US President Donald Trump and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sign an agreement

US and Japan sign an initial deal on agriculture and digital trade


President Donald Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe consented to a trade-enhancement deal that will bring down agricultural levies in Japan. Lower industrial tariffs in the US and also set new rules for digital trade between the two nations.

On Wednesday, during the United Nations General Assembly, the United States and Japan outlined the initial details of the trade agreement.

The first stage will open markets up to $7 billion in the US agricultural products, the Trump administration stated. Japan consented to cut or reduce taxes on pork, beef and different products on a similar level like to what Tokyo agreed to in the Trans-Pacific Partnership — an economic alliance that the US president pulled back from during his initial days in office. The current agreement could give substantial relief to US farmers who have been struck by Trump’s trade war with China.

“Under the market access agreement, we are declaring today that Japan will open new markets to roughly $7 billion in American agriculture goods,” Trump told media alongside Abe in New York. “This is a big deal for America’s ranchers, farmers, and cultivators. That is crucial to me,” he included.

The US has agreed to cut its duties on Japanese imports of machine tools, bicycles, turbines, flowers, green tea, and other merchandise.

A senior administration official stressed that the agreement will enable producers to keep pace with foreign competitors who are expanding sales in Japan now that the 11-country TPP is in force, without the US.

However, the assembly noticed that duty cuts alike what was in TPP would apply to whey and cheese, which are two of the US’ principle dairy products exported to Japan. The International Dairy Foods Association praised the deal as “a positive development,” in spite of signs that it “doesn’t completely accomplish a similar tax rate reductions” as the first TPP or a different agreement among Japan and the EU.

Japan was persuaded to seek after a deal with the US to escape Trump’s vulnerability to force tariffs on imports such as auto parts and automobiles for national security reasons.

According to CNBC news, the Trump administration stated that the deal was an initial stage of an increasingly broader agreement with Tokyo.”In the distant future, we will be having significantly increasingly, comprehensive deals, endorsed with Japan,” Trump replied. The Politico reported.

Article Credit:- The Politico/CNBC

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