US and Russia

US and Russia will hold talks on a new nuclear treaty


Representatives of the United States and Russia will meet on Wednesday in Geneva to assess the prospects for concluding a new treaty on the limitation of nuclear weapons, an agreement to which China may subsequently join.

The White House hopes that as a result of the negotiations at the level of deputy foreign ministers, there will be more clarity about the Kremlin’s intentions and the views of the Russian leadership on the possibility of concluding a trilateral agreement on limiting nuclear arsenals with the participation of China. On the desirability of such a treaty, which would regulate all types of nuclear weapons, has repeatedly said US President Donald Trump. Donald Trump raised this issue during his meetings with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping during the G20 Summit in Osaka in June.

at the White House, at a meeting in Geneva, it is not planned to discuss the Treaty on the Prohibition of Medium and Short Range Missiles, in violation of which the US accused Russia and which was denounced by Washington. The American delegation does not plan to discuss the extension of the START-3 treaty, which expires in February 2021. President Trump, he said, is banking on a “new generation” contract with the participation of the three countries.


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