Donald Trump & Nicolas Maduro

US Being Blamed by Venezuela for Six-Day Blackout, Orders Diplomats to Depart

On 12th March, Venezuela instructed all American diplomats to go away from the country within 72 hours, after President Nicolas Maduro charged the U.S. counterpart Donald Trump of cyber “sabotage”, which shoved the South American nation into its worst blackout on history.

The presence of these American officials on Venezuelan soil presents a risk for the peace, unity and solidity of the nation, as per a government statement, after discussions collapsed over maintaining strategic ties between the two nations.

On Tuesday, Tarek Saab, Chief Prosecutor stated he was asking Venezuela’s pro-Maduro Supreme Court to start a probe into opposition leader Juan Guaido for taking part in the supposed “sabotage.”

Washington has taken the edge in acknowledging Guaido as Venezuela’s rightful president after the 35-year-old congress chief proclaimed himself as provisional president in January, calling Maduro’s 2018 re-election a deceitful.

The United States has enforced a bevy of sanctions to put pressure on Maduro, and the U.S. special envoy on Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, on Tuesday stated that Washington was ready to implement “very meaningful” extra sanctions in the coming days against financial institutions hold to be backing Maduro’s government.

Maduro, who harbor control of the military and other state institutions as well as the support of Russia and China, has charged Washington for his country’s economic turmoil and dismissed Guaido as a puppet of the United States.

With the power blackout entering its sixth day, hospitals grappled to keep equipment functional, food rotting in the tropical heat and exports from the nation’s main oil terminal were closed down.

Although, power was restored to many parts of the nation on Tuesday, which includes some areas that didn’t have electricity since last Thursday. However, power was still out in some parts of the capital of Caracas and the western region near the border with Colombia.

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez informed power had been reinstated in the “vast majority” of the nation.

Maduro accused Washington for carrying out a sophisticated cyber attack on Venezuela’s hydroelectric power operations. He stated that US President Trump responsible behind the attack.