Meng Wanzhou

US Charges China’s Huawei CEO over Apparent Iran Sanction Violations


On Monday, the United States disclosed the criminal charges levied against China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd CEO Meng Wanzhou. The filing of the criminal charges is going to heighten its fight with the Chinese tech giant and it would probably complicate the attempts of trade talks between Beijing and Washington who are looking forward to bring an end to the trade war.

The Justice Department accused Huawei Technologies CEO, Meng Wanzhou and its two affiliates for conspiring to bypass or breach the U.S. sanctions on Iran by carrying out business with Tehran through a subsidiary which it tried to conceal and which was reported in 2012. The agency also disclosed the other allegations brought against Meng. In another allegation it accuses Huawei of attempting to steal trade –secrets from T-Mobile (TMUS) and also of pledging bonuses to employees who gathered confidential information about competitors. the charges were filed in the western district of Washington state.

Meng, the daughter of Huawei’s founder was arrested from Vancouver on 1st December. In repercussion, China also detained two Canadian individuals on the grounds of national security. Later on, Meng was granted bail but was put on house arrest. She is due to appear in a Canadian court on 29th January in order to talk about the changes to her bail terms, according to British Columbia Supreme Court schedules. The United States is looking forward to deport Meng from Canada.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker in a statement stated that China must hold its citizens as well as Chinese organizations responsible for adhering to the law. Hence, they are disclosing the criminal charges they have brought against the telecommunications giant Huawei and its associate. By quoting Canada’s Justice Department, Canada’s broadcaster stated that Canada has indeed received a request of formal extradition from the US.

China’s Foreign Ministry conveyed concern over the charges and requested the US to drop the arrest warrant. On the other hand, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stated that the charges are completely isolated from the trade dealings. Yet the advancement is likely to hamper high-level discussions between Beijing and Washington slated this week.

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