Diosdado Cabello

US conduct secret negotiations to change power in Venezuela


The United States is negotiating with representatives of the current government of Venezuela to create conditions for the departure of President Nicolas Maduro and holding free elections.  This was announced on Tuesday by President Donald Trump after the Associated Press reported on secret negotiations with the chairman of the National Constitutional Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, on August 19.

Cabello’s goal is to get guarantees from the US that he can stay in Venezuelan politics and not face sanctions when the Maduro regime loses power.  The source of the publication claims that the negotiators want to receive international security guarantees that will be implemented by any new government, and to avoid “retaliation, harassment, violence.”

The Trump administration has publicly stated that the only negotiation issue is the date of President Maduro’s departure.  However, some sources familiar with American strategy say secret connections are also used to weaken Maduro and split in his environment.  President Maduro himself said in a televised address that his representatives are negotiating with his direct permission.

Recall that in January, Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself interim president.  He was supported by the United States, several countries in Latin America and most countries in Europe.  Russia, China, Turkey and Cuba are considered the legitimate president of Nicholas Maduro.

Washington has already imposed a series of sanctions against Venezuela affecting its oil state-owned company PDVSA and the Venezuelan Central Bank.  Venezuelan government assets in the United States were also blocked.  In August, the State Department said that “dozens of closest allies” Nicolas Maduro tried to start negotiations with the United States on his overthrow.

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