US excludes Turkey from F-35 production program


The United States turned off Turkey from the F-35 fighter program after Ankara bought Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. This is reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing the statement of the White House.

According to the report, the F-35 will not be able to coexist with the missile complexes, since the Russian air defense system will collect intelligence data about American aircraft.

“Unfortunately, Turkey’s decision to purchase Russian C-400 air defense systems makes it impossible for the country to continue to participate in the F-35 program. F-35 fighters cannot coexist with the Russian intelligence-gathering platform, which will be used to explore their advanced capabilities,” said Bely house.

Also in the US administration, they added that they had worked with Turkey for many years and offered Ankara to adopt the Patriot air defense system instead of the Russian C-400.

“Turkey’s purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems undermines cooperation between the two countries, which has been supported for 65 years,” Washington believes.

Recall, the team of US President Donald Trump has prepared a package of sanctions, which should be adopted in relation to Turkey for receiving from Russia components for anti-aircraft missile systems S-400.

Earlier, NATO has expressed concern about the possible consequences of the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400.

On July 16, Ankara took the tenth aircraft with the C-400 components. Deliveries began on July 12th. Turkey plans to open the ZRK purchased from Russia until April 2020.


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