Elliott Abrams

US hopes EU imposes sanctions on Venezuela in next months


The United States expects the European Union to impose sanctions on Venezuela in the coming months.  This was announced by the United States Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams.

Abrams, according to the agency, claimed that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is increasingly relying on financial support from Rosneft.  At the same time, he noted that the Russian company, carrying out operations with Venezuelan oil, does not violate American sanctions.

Rosneft is one of the largest investors in Venezuela.  The Russian company is implementing joint exploration and production projects with the state-owned oil and gas company Venezuela PDVSA: Petromiranda, Petrovictoria, Petromonagas, Boqueron and Petroperija.

On August 5, US President Donald Trump signed a decree on the complete blocking of the property of the Venezuelan government in American jurisdiction and a ban on any provision of financial means, goods and services to him.  The blocking applies to the assets of all departments of the government of the Latin American country, as well as the Central Bank of Venezuela and the state oil company PDVSA.


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