North korea

US imposes new sanctions against North Korea


The US Treasury has imposed new sanctions against North Korea. Restrictive measures included shipping companies.

This is stated in the message of the American Ministry of Finance.

Sanctions were imposed on Taiwanese companies Jui Cheng Shipping Company Limited, Jui Pang Shipping Co Ltd and Jui Zong Ship management Co Ltd, as well as Shang Yuan Bao, which is flying the flag of Panama.

The department said that the companies are cooperating with the DPRK and are carrying out illegal deliveries in circumvention of UN sanctions. “Shipping companies trading with North Korea put themselves at significant risk of sanctions, despite the fraudulent practices they are trying to use,” it was informed.

The assets of these companies will be frozen, and American citizens and corporations are now prohibited from cooperating with them.

On June 22, the US administration decided to extend the unilateral sanctions regime on North Korea for another year. We are talking about maintaining the force of restrictive measures, which were based on a number of decrees from 2008 to 2017. According to US President Donald Trump, the policies and actions of the North Korean authorities continue to pose a threat to the national security, economy and foreign policy of the United States.



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