US joins diplomatic push to salvage agreement in Sudan


The top US diplomat for Africa on Wednesday signed up an international effort to press Sudan’s military rulers along with the opposition towards a deal on a transition to democracy 2 months after the overthrow of former President Omar al-Bashir , Reuters reports.

An Ethiopian envoy has declared that the military and opposition groups have consented to resume talks on the formation of a transitional council that collapsed after the dominant dispersal of a protest sit-in on June 3.

Tibor Nagy , the US assistant secretary of state for Africa , met on Wednesday with the main rivals coalition and held talks with Sudan’s acting Deputy Foreign Minister Ilham Ibrahim.

“The point of contention between us is clear and our terms are clear; we are talking now about issues of transition to civilian rule and the rights of martyrs”.

Before the conferences , the State Department said Nagy was going to desire the parties to work toward an environment conducive to the resumption of battles . The United States also on Wednesday named expert diplomat Donald Booth as its envoy to Sudan .

“We have informed the Ethiopian prime minister that we refuse to have direct negotiations with the transitional military council,” said Madani Abbas Madani, a leader of the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces.


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