The US May Increase Economic Sanction if North Korea Doesn’t Denuclearize

The US May Increase Economic Sanction if North Korea Doesn’t Denuclearise


John Bolton, the National Security Adviser of Donald Trump, has declared that the US may increase the rate of sanctions on North Korea if the country fails to denuclearize completely. Bolton on Tuesday had made it crystal clear that the US will be left with no option but to ramp up sanctions on this country on the fulfillment of their commitment.

This declaration by Bolton was made post-Hanoi summit between American President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He also said that Washington will keep strict vigilance on Pyongyang for a few days. If the leader doesn’t scrap the program of nuclear weapons to the core, things might take a difficult turn.

If sources are to be believed, North Korea did not keep its promise after the first summit which happened in Singapore last year. Kim wanted to stage a second summit. After much anticipation, the meeting between these two leaders eventually took place in Vietnam. However, according to the insights, the summit happened to be a failed attempt this time.

Both Kim and Trump failed to draw a conclusion. This is mainly because the North Korean leader gave no solid propositions and progressive approaches on the much-debated denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

The US was willing to ease the sanctions considering the crushing economy of the country. Keeping aside Washington’s intention, it can be said that North Korea is no situation to compromise with their nuclear power.

According to the news by US think tanks and South Korean news agency, North Korea is again working on nuclear weapons. They have restored a part of a missile launch site which was dismantled after Singapore summit. Several satellite images have also confirmed the same.

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