War ship in the coastal zone

US Navy near Chinese coast angered China


The US Navy maneuvers provoked an indignant reaction from the Chinese government – the ships twice passed the islands in the South China Sea, which China considers to be contrary to the opinions of other countries.

The ship of the coastal zone “Gabriel Giffords” passed 12 nautical miles from the Mischif Reef, part of the Spratly Archipelago.  The destroyer Wayne I. Meyer at the same time passed alongside the Paracel Islands.  Both the PRC controlling them and the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan are claiming ownership of these territories.

The Chinese military said they were closely following the movements of US ships.  “We urge the United States to stop these provocative actions in order to avoid unforeseen consequences.  The sovereignty of China on the islands of the South China Sea is not discussed, ”said a representative of the Chinese army.

Reanne Mommsen, a spokesman for the 7th Fleet of the U.S. Navy, to which the ships belong, explained this step to the American army.  According to her, the missions of American ships are based on the rule of law and are designed to “demonstrate our devotion to respecting the rights and freedoms for the legal use of the sea and air space guaranteed to all peoples,” the publication quoted her as saying.

Earlier this year, American warships have already entered the waters three times, which China considers its own.  Over the past year, this happened five times, in 2017 – four times.

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