US officially refuses to sell Patriot complexes to Turkey


The administration of US President Donald Trump has officially refused his offer of Turkey to acquire Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems. The reason is Ankara’s purchase of S-400 air defense systems from Russia.

We have repeatedly warned Turkey that our last Patriot proposal will be withdrawn if it accepts the S-400 systems. Our proposal for Patriot has expired, “the source said. In December 2018, the US State Department announced that it approved the sale of $ 3.5 billion to Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems in Turkey.

The cancellation of the acquisition of Patriot is Turkey’s next punishment for acquiring the Russian S-400. The United States has already suspended Ankara from participating in the development of the latest F-35 fighter and denied it the acquisition of nearly a hundred of such aircraft. It is also unclear whether the Trump administration is going to impose sanctions against Turkey on the basis of the law on countering the enemies of America through sanctions.


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