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US President Trump Would Be Meeting North Korea’s Kim in Vietnam in Late February


On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced that he would be meeting North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam in late February. He stated that he would be holding his second summit with Kim on 27th -28th February. He even acknowledged his efforts in avoiding a bigger war on the Korean Peninsula.

The second meeting of the world’s two greatest leaders can be regarded as the attempts of the Trump administration to abolish North Korea’s nuclear program.

Trump during his second State of the Union speech to Congress, he stated that there is still some work left in order to achieve peace with North Korea. In this matter, he referred to North Korea stopping their nuclear testing operation and also to the fact that no new missile has been launches in the last 15 months. Hence, this signs can be regarded as a great proof of some breakthroughs being made by his administration.

As much work needs to be done, Trump gave a grim warning about the risks of intense tensions with North Korea, going to the extent of stating that Pyongyang and Washington might have been at war if he was not chosen as the president of the US.

Trump had heightened the fears of war in 2017 when he intimidated to sleet fire and fury in North Korea which the world hadn’t seen before, just because North Korea’s weapons and missiles pose a great threat to the United States.

US President Trump’s second face-to-face meeting with North Korean leader Kim would take place on 27-28th February, although it is not apparent where the meeting would be held in Vietnam. The most likely venue that is being considered for the second summit is Vietnam’s capital Hanoi or Da Nang.

Trump met North Korean leader Kim on 12th June in Singapore during his first summit. Even though there hasn’t been any progress in cajoling North Korea to surrender its nuclear weapons, Trump has been eagerly awaiting to hold another summit with Kim. Trump on Tuesday even stated that his relationship with Kim is a good one.

Meanwhile, the U.S. negotiator with North Korea, Stephen Biegun, is going to meet with his North Korean counterpart on Wednesday in Pyongyang. He stated that he is hopeful that his meeting with Kim Hyok Chol would draw out a set of definite results.

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