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US President Trump Might Be Happy If North Korea Stops Testing Nuclear Weapons


US President Donald Trump stated that he would be happy if North Korea maintains its breather on testing of weapons and he isn’t in a hurry to conclude a nuclear deal with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un this week, as the two leaders are gearing up for another round of face-to-face summit.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the two leaders are slated to meet in Hanoi for the second-round of a summit. This would be their second meeting after their first historic summit that took place in Singapore eight months ago.

The two leaders vowed to work toward the total denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, but their imprecise agreement has generated few results. U.S. Democratic senators and security officials have cautioned Trump against making an agreement that would do little to restrict North Korea’s nuclear aspiration. Even North Korean officials warned Trump not to listen to the US critics as it would hamper the efforts to improve the relationship.

Trump, before leaving for Vietnam, stated that he believes that he and Kim have developed a good relationship. He even stated that he isn’t in a hurry, nor he wants others to hurry. He just wants the testing of the nuclear missiles to stop in the Korean peninsula. He would be happy until no testing is carried out.

North Korea carried out its last nuclear test, for the sixth time was in September 2017. Last time, in November 2017, it tested an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The Trump administration has urged North Korea to lay off the nuclear weapons program, which along with the missile ability, pose a warning to the United States, before it can expect any adjustment.

However, in recent days, Trump has indicated a possible easing; stating that he would love to get rid of sanctions if there is significant progress on denuclearization of nuclear weapons.

Trump stated that he and Kim anticipated making more progress at the summit and again vouched that denuclearization would aid North Korea to grow its economy.

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