US President Walks Out of Talks on Closedown, In Fact Laments That the Meeting Was a Waste of Time

On Wednesday, the US President Donald Trump walked out from the meeting with top Democratic congressional leaders. The meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was over reinstating the government that has been going through a continuous shutdown and also financing of a border wall with Mexico. After walking out from the talks, he grumbled that the meeting was a time waste. Therefore, the meeting of the top leaders ended in animosity with no signs of a settlement.

The closedown of nine federal agencies reached its 19th day was triggered by the conflict over the border wall.

Trump expressed his feeling of the meeting with his tweet. In his tweet, he even expressed his anticipation of what would happen in 30 days in case he open things. He asked whether his opponents would be approving Border Security that consists of a Wall or a Steel Barrier. As Pelosi said ‘No’, he immediately walked out from the meeting.

On the other hand, Schumer, while briefing reporters on Capitol Hill, stated that they again got to saw Trump’s temper outburst. His behavior can’t be accepted from a President. He even added that it’s somber and unfortunate for the US as Democrats also want to reach a solution. He added that the Democrats also believe in border security but holds a different point of view regarding the matter.

Frustrated and infuriated Democrats informed that the meeting failed and became ineffective when they refused to finance Trump’s projected southern border wall. The sticking point of Trump’s presidential campaign was his wish to set up a wall between the US and Mexico.

Pelosi called President Trump to be moody as the President might keep the government shut down for weeks, months, and years so that his goal can be reached. The collapse in discussion could fortify the likelihood that Trump might announce a national emergency for construction of a wall on the southern border in case no deal with Congress is reached on his request for $5.7 billion for the project.