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US sees Kazakhstan as key partner in maintaining security in Central Asia


The United States of America considers Kazakhstan a leader in Central Asia and relies on it as a key partner in maintaining regional security, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“Kazakhstan is a leader in Central Asia, on which the United States relies on a reliable partner in the region. We consider your country a key partner in maintaining regional security,” he said at a meeting in Washington with Kazakh Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi, who is in the United States  on an official visit at the invitation of Pompeo.

The words of the US Secretary of State are given in the message of the press service of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry, distributed on Friday.

For his part, Tleuberdi noted Kazakhstan’s commitment to further strengthen cooperation with the United States.

“We attach great importance to the further expansion of our cooperation with the United States, which is developing in the spirit of trust and mutual understanding. Thanks to this, Kazakhstan and the United States have reached the level of an expanded strategic partnership, which was consolidated following the official visit of the first president of the republic, Elbasy (leader of the nation) Nursultan Nazarbayev  to Washington in January 2018, “the Kazakh Foreign Minister said.

On the same day, Tleuberdi held talks with the leadership of the National Security Council and US congressmen from the “group of friends” of Kazakhstan, and also visited the World Bank headquarters in Washington.

During a meeting with WB Vice President for Europe and Central Asia Cyril Muller, the parties discussed pressing issues of bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and the financial institutions of the bank’s group.

Muller said the World Bank Board of Directors has approved a country strategy for the World Bank’s partnership with Kazakhstan for 2020-2025.  The parties also discussed a joint project in the field of agricultural development for the period from 2020 to 2024, according to the information.

According to the republic’s foreign policy department, between January and October 2019, bilateral trade between Kazakhstan and the United States amounted to $ 1.8 billion. Export from Kazakhstan to the United States amounted to $ 682 million, while imports to Kazakhstan from the United States reached $ 1.1 billion.

At the end of 2018, American investment in Kazakhstan set a new absolute record, reaching $ 5.3 billion. In general, the gross volume of foreign direct investment from the United States to the economy of Kazakhstan since 2005 has amounted to about $ 40 billion.

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