US Senators Introduce Bill to Repair Stringent Oversight of North Korea Discussions


A pair of senators introduced a bill in order to provide stringent congressional oversight of any kind of nuclear deal with North Korea. Senators Cory Gardner and Bob Menendez introduced the bill when the United States and North Korea are preparing to chalk out the details of a broad statement which had been signed by the American President Donald Trump and the North Korean President Kim Jong Un.

The effort is in line with the main objectives of the administration and it lays out a stringent oversight framework in order to support the principled diplomacy. It would help to achieve complete denuclearization and also outline the congressional expectations for any agreement in order to secure verify and monitor denuclearization of North Korea. The statement was made by top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The statement which was signed by Trump and Kim claimed that the US would provide North Korea with unspecified security guarantees in exchange of the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The statement did not include any kind of details regarding the manner of nuclear disarmament.

Menendez mentioned that he was concerned that the Trump administration had not engaged in strategic, rigorous and thoughtful diplomacy. He hoped that the President would be able to take complete advantage of the historic opportunity in order to find a diplomatic solution. Since the administration had signed a vague joint statement during the summit, there was need for congressional oversight.

Under the bill introduced by Gardner and Menendez, any agreement with North Korea would have to be submitted to the Congress within five days after the agreement reaches the country. The administration would submit a report describing the verification process of the agreement and also assess the ability of the United States and the International Atomic Energy Agency in order to implement the process.

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