US States That Iran Is Supporting International Terrorism

US States That Iran Is Supporting International Terrorism


The Unites States charged Tehran of having an ‘unclean hands’ as it fought an Iranian court attempt in order to thaw billions of dollars allocated by Washington for the terror victims. Washington stated that Iran has been providing support to international terrorism, such as bombings, airline hijackings and the case should be ruled out at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Iran pulled Washington to the UNs top court over a ruling made by the US Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court ruled that $2 billion should be provided to the victims of assaults conducted by Islamic republic. Iran claimed that it defied the Treaty of Amity 1955 that was made between Tehran and Washington before the signing of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

A US State Department legal officer stated that the foundation of the case is based on Iran’s support towards terrorism and many senior leaders of Iran are advocating terrorism. Only time would tell if the ICJ would be able to take up case under the strict rules governing the procedures.

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