Mike Pence

US Vice President to Visit Iceland, UK and Ireland in September


US Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Iceland, the UK and Ireland in September, his press service said.

According to the report, Pence’s trip will begin on September 3 with a visit to Iceland, where the vice president will discuss bilateral agreements on trade and security, as well as outline efforts to counter “Russian aggression” in the region.

He will spend the next two days in the UK discussing the future of US-London bilateral relations after Brexit.

Pence will also meet with British officials to discuss the “threat of Chinese detrimental influence,” including through 5G telecommunications networks built by companies such as Huawei.

The vice president will end his trip with a stop in Ireland on September 6th. He is expected to discuss with Prime Minister Leo Varadkar the maintenance of stability in the country by observing the Belfast Agreement and expanding trade opportunities.


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