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US will send additional troops to Saudi Arabia and the UAE


After the attack on the Saudi oil refineries, the Pentagon will transfer additional troops and weapons to the Middle East.  US authorities emphasized that this move is defensive in nature.

US President Donald Trump approved the introduction of additional American troops and the supply of military equipment to the territory of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  This was announced on Friday, September 20, during a briefing by US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

According to him, the deployment of additional troops in the region will occur in the coming days.  Esper emphasized that this reinforcement was defensive in nature and was a response to requests for reinforcements from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  US forces will focus primarily on air and missile defense.

Esper also said that the United States will work to accelerate the supply of military equipment to these countries.  The head of the Pentagon added that this is only the first step, but he refused to name the exact number of additional forces.

Esper confirmed that the United States considers Tehran to be involved in the attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.  According to him, the weapon with which the attack was carried out was made in Iran.  Nevertheless, as the AP agency writes, Donald Trump in such a way makes it clear that he is not inclined to a military strike on Iran.

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