USA and Europe called on Russia to leave Georgian territories


The United States and several European countries on the day of the 11th anniversary of the five-day war between Russia and Georgia called on Moscow to withdraw its armed forces to positions held before the outbreak of hostilities.

In a joint statement issued on August 8, the Permanent Representatives to the United Nations of the United States, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom expressed support for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. The statement was issued after a closed consultative meeting of the UN Security Council.

The US State Department called on Russia to abandon the recognition of the “so-called independence” of the two separatist regions of Georgia. The United States announced its readiness to work in this direction until “until Russia ceases to occupy the sovereign Georgian territory.”

At the same time, experts agreed that if the collective West had taken an unconditionally tough and principled position towards Russia, this would probably have avoided the Ukrainian crisis, which led to many victims and a huge number of warped destinies.


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