Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela Aid Trucks Blocked in Colombia as Maduro Calls it a ‘Cheap Show’


Maduro leadership in Venezuela caused a severe economic collapse leading to millions of Venezuela citizens struggling to live a normal livelihood. With the scarcity of food and humanitarian aid, almost 3 million citizens left the country while some ended up stranded in Colombia.

Recently, to combat the severe humanitarian crisis that overtook Venezuela, the US sent over several aid trucks to Venezuela this Thursday carrying humanitarian aid. The truck as reports state was denied entry as it was about to cross the border city of Colombia. Maduro who called this action by the US government as a sham stated that Venezuela did not need the humanitarian goods and hence, ensured that the truck was denied entry among intensifying political crisis.

This led to the infuriated US putting up pressure on Maduro, whose European Union group called for a dialogue warning the States of intervening in their affairs. Calling this act a fraud show of concern, Maduro even claimed that he shall remain in office. Paying no heed to the protests of several nations, Maduro commented to steadily run is a campaign against Juan Guaido, the recognized leader by the countries.

As per recent reports, the humanitarian aid truck was stranded in the city of Cucuta, where police motorcycles restricted its entry by creating a block. The accumulated people vehemently protested calling Maduro names like, ‘cancer’ and other things. As per the claims of locals, they are satisfied with the US government taking steps against Maduro.

A Venezuelan native by the name of Israel Escobar, who shifted to Cruciate claims that this action gives her hope that better change will now come to Venezuela. Further, the 60 protesters on the Venezuelan border roared in protest to allow the truck to pass.

Paying no heed to the cries of citizens, Maduro, on the other hand, refused to bend to the will of anyone other than his autocratic self.

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